tag : interior / furniture
date : December 2017
store : yacht
site : 4-10-24 Daita Setagaya Tokyo
space : 40㎡
material : birch plywood , urethane foam
cooperation:大森皓太 / Kota Omori


Design and construction project of apparel workshop / gallery. It is equipped with garment printers that can be printed directly on clothes and automatic embroidery machines. It is aiming to become a regional hub by making a piece of clothing.
The planned site is street level store located center of the city and was covered with plasterboard. As in many of the properties in the center of the city, this project also asked for a plan based on “return to the present situation”. Therefore we think about how to create an epidermal field and its workability by simple renewal of the floor wall ceiling, not skeletal renovation that exposes the structure. By reviewing how to update the epidermis, we realized that it is possible to create a place to involve surrounding situations by crossing design and construction.
The vertical plate of the grid frame is a pre-panel made by pressing 3 pieces of 9mm plywoods. We make a groove to put the shelf plate in advance and assembled on site. Using this construction, we set up a large shelf that leads the whole. Wall and ceiling are covered with waved urethane foam which is also frequently used as a cushioning material for instruments and equipment. It was positioned as a material symbolizing a client leading the music industry and soundproofing required as a function.The soft touch and relief are physical, giving the impression of a soft space that is not on hard walls and ceiling. Simplicity of construction made it possible not only to control costs but also to collaborate with clients and people around them from the process of creating a place. It played a role as the first step of this place aiming as the regional hub.The orderly grid of plywood is designed to take over the small history of the space, with the trace of the former floor tile as an auxiliary line. As a result, a small structure appeared inside the room, but it has a furniture side which can hang clothes by adding pipes in the beam.
This project consistently performed design and construction far away from our base. Moreover, it took place in a condensed period of one and a half months until completion. The client’s relationship was close is also a factor, but I think we could design the way of making the place itself. In this project we did not divide design and construction, and tried to cross the boundary of craftsmanship (pursuit / quality / speed) or amateur (discovery / quantity / material) of construction.