tag : interior / exterior / temporary
date : April 2017
site : 7F 327-24 Tamachi Nakaku Hamamatsu Shizuoka
space : 400㎡
material : SPF , plywood , fir , steel , tempered glass
cooperation:大森皓太 / Kota Omori


Module movable architectures in a parking lot. The planned area is the upper floor of the multi-story parking lot in the local urban area. The hollow section in the city is born by the rise of the suburbs large shopping center. Negative conditions with low frequency of use are caught as a vast site that can be accessed by a car located in the center of the city. We are trying to create experimental places in town that are different from general commercial areas.
The basic unit is a frame of wood and steel. The units considered as vehicles are movable, and by connecting a plurality of units, the floor area according to the program is developed. The wooden sash and terraces on the two walls have the mechanism to open to the parking lot as the external space. The remaining two sides are made of steel angle for furniture. It is assumed that it is possible to easily connect and add walls.
The possibility of a new architecture in degenerate city area is found in a movable framework rather than a fixed building. We aimed for a new relationship with the city to be produced by improvised architecture like the stage equipment.