tag : interior / renovation
date : October 2017
store : toroa
site : 3-19-12 Imanoura Iwata Shizuoka
space : 100㎡
construction : 貴総合美装
fabric : fabricscape
cooperation:大森皓太 / Kota Omori


A renovation for a hair salon with a clearly contrastive plan. In this plan, we divide the program into two, innocent material space and decorative white space. These spaces are established by minus (peeling off) operation and plus (adding) operation with respect to the material. Physically speaking, this is a comparison between the reappearing materials and the cosmetic materials.
In the material space, hair cuts and hair washing area are placed. Cutting hairs is to cut off part of the body. Here, we intended to synchronize the method of change of the body and space. In this space, various things exist as raw materials. The original mirror stand is also realistic. On the other hand, we set up reception, waiting and photography space in white space. This place is a margin that can do various things of the store. It is bleached now, but it will be colored in future by the client.
In order to highlight two different spaces, we arranged furniture across the space. This visualizes the mechanism of space clearly. In the material space, shiny paint is given to make the expression stand out. In the white space, matte painting is given to make the surroundings stand out. Curtains and lighting are also selected according to the concept.
The planned site is a redeveloped area where a shopping center is located in front of it and has a wide frontage. The history of the land and the building is poor, it is difficult to get the context from the surroundings.  Architecture is to create an inner and outer boundary. By separating surroundings we aimed to produce such an euphoric feeling that came to a different world. In other words, it compares inside and outside of the building. It is also a pleasure to change this balance in the future.