tag : furniture / interior / renovation
date : August 2015
site : Hamamatsu Shizuoka Japan
space : 50㎡
material : plywood , ceder


Design and construction of interior for share office. We built a framework to fill the space with cedar rafters. They are foundation for work, storage and future renovation. This design is established by dismantling and construction. We deal with existing concrete and new timbers.
In the past, the ceiling was a plasterboard, the wall was painted white by previous users. In the center of the room, the bookshelf divided east and west. First of all, we peel off the ceiling and create a bright environment sharing the east and west light. The concrete is exposed by dismantling, and the texture of white and concrete is emphasized by the boundary line of the former ceiling. We unified the direction of the bookshelf and painted blackboard on the back. We made meeting space and working space which is necessary for share office.
45 mm square of the local material woods are used, and they are assembled with mortise and tenon joint. It is a traditional technique of upright angle joint without screws. Desks and shelves are made from the dimensions of columns and beams. Although 45 mm square wood is generally used for the base material, we aimed to set as if this place is still under construction or growing by filling them with the whole space.
In this design, instead of design fee, we asked the client who is a web designer to make our website. The project broke down the framework of client and designer to establish an equal relationship. As a result we also use this place as our office. We look at the changing of office everyday and it is a pleasure to be involved for a long time after completion.